Kwiggle is
the most compact folding bike worldwide

  • This folding bike even fits under the seats in trains and buses - and still leaves plenty of room in the trunk.

  • In addition, it drives incomparably good and fast. 

So you always have Kwiggle with you and are mobile everywhere.

This is mobile freedom, that we manufacture MADE in GERMANY.
Kwiggle-Faltrad und Handgepäckkoffer im Vergleich
The Kwiggle-folding bike drives fast and physiological optimal

Upright you ride better folding bike.

Kwiggle you ride easily and fast:

In the unique upright Kwiggle riding position, you efficiently convert your weight into speed. The swinging saddle automatically lifts you back to the optimal position. So you ride faster and need less power. And thanks to the patented drive you do not have to pedal faster.

Kwigglen is fun and very healthy:

Kwiggle riding keeps all the muscles in motion and relieves pressure on the joints. The deep torso muscles are actively involved. This strengthens the back and keeps it flexible. This makes the upright, natural riding position on a folding bike really fun.

That's why many of our customers use the Kwiggle in their free time and for fitness..

The folding bike with speed and fun through upright natural movement.

Kwiggle-folding bike, MADE in GERMANY

Highly qualified industrial partners in Germany manufacture according to our strict specifications the noble and extremely wear-resistant Kwiggle components. The series assembly takes place in our manufacturing and service facility in Hannover. This is how we ensure the highest quality from A to Z.

Configure your desired Kwiggle:

1, 3 and 6 speed gears,
4 different colors and accessories.
The delivery time is currently a few days.

Test ride

in Hanover at any time, test drive in Hamburg on 25.07.2021.
Please contact us if you are interested:

super compact          super light            super fast          super handy

Kwiggle makes your life easier

1. As a commuter you save a lot of time every day:

On the way to town , in combination with train or bus, you can reach destinations faster than any other: rush hour, traffic jams, traffic chaos - nothing stops you! Kwiggle in the city

Carried in the car  and parked free of charge on the outskirts of the city, the Kwiggle will get you into the city faster over the last mile..

2. the handling is incomparably practical:

Your Kwiggle never bothers you  : Thanks to its hand luggage format, you can stow it almost anywhere: in lockers, spinning machines, under the seat, in a restaurant, train or bus.

Unique commuter benefit: Thanks to the low weight of the folding bike and the trolley function, you can take it anywhere with almost no effort.

3. you increase your experience radius:

On city breaks, camping or sailing - If you have a Kwiggle with you, you will explore cities and landscapes faster, further, more independent and more flexible.

Kwiggle Extreme: 300 km/day with a folding bike

a bit like a new life

300 km in one day: Hard to believe - but true!

Until recently, he would never have imagined being able to travel so far on a bicycle in a single day. But then Karsten Bettin, inventor of the Kwiggle, rode around the Dutch Ijsselmeer - 300 kilometers in around 16 hours. You can read how it came about in his report on his experience.


Im only averagely trained: jogging 5 km twice a week and riding a road bike 50 km once a month. Then there are the daily trips with the Kwiggle, between 5 and 15 km - more or less regularly. That's it. My longest daily ride so far: 150 km on the road bike, but only once. That was really a lot for my conditions. And then I ride 300 km in one day with the Kwiggle folding bike. And without any previous training, without any pain and without getting tired. That's absolutely amazing.

Riding tests show the long-distance suitability

Wie es dazu kam?

read mor here:     300km/day

Kwiggle in the media


Our tips for folding bike selection:

1. The ideal folding bike should be as compact and small as possible.

Then you can transport the folding bike well and put it anywhere. Ideally, the folding bike will be as small as the hand luggage format. Because everything is designed for hand luggage dimensions: Trunks, lockers, luggage racks and much more. The possible uses of a folding bike in hand luggage format are therefore multiplied. It's easy to take along, never gets in the way, and doesn't incur additional costs on trains and buses. Commuters therefore experience the Kwiggle as a new mobile freedom. Campers and sailors also live in a confined space. There is often not enough space for conventional folding bikes. Only the Kwiggle meets this standard luggage size and therefore fits perfectly into any storage space. Kwiggle is also perfect for city trips, air travel and on vacation. No other folding bike can be carried so easily.

2. The folding bike should be able to be adjusted to your body dimensions as best as possible.

The seat geometry of a folding bike is determined by the folding dimensions. This is because the folding dimension determines the unfolded frame geometry. The saddle height can still be adjusted to a certain degree, but the distance between the saddle and handlebars is usually fixed. For smaller and taller people, restrictions then quickly arise, for example because the saddle cannot be adjusted high enough or because the distance between the saddle and the handlebars is too small or too large. That's why we at Kwiggle have developed the folding bike from scratch: We let you ride upright in your natural posture. This is comfortable for everyone and you will move quickly. The seat can be adjusted to fit any body size as best as possible and in the upright position the distance between the saddle and handlebars can be the same. So the Kwiggle rides equally well for all people between 1.35 and 1.95 m.

3. The folding bike riding should be fun.

At best, you should enjoy riding a folding bike and also use it for leisure and fitness. Admittedly, this is ambitious. Folding bikes are not really used for fitness purposes. At Kwiggle, we wanted to build a bike that could be ridden comfortably while standing up from the very beginning. The upright movement is the most fun for us. And it helps with light pedaling, so the small-wheeled folding bike rides just as fast as big city bikes. Upright riding is physiologically optimal outdoor fitness because you get all the muscles moving in their natural rhythm. So even commuters can get their troubled backs moving again at the end of the day. The Kwiggle is just an unusual folding bike that is also fun to ride.