Welcome to the KWIGGLE-SHOP for the EU

                We produce the first series of the Kwiggle under high pressure, the demand is great, we deliver the first now in October.

                In the product description you will find the current delivery time.


                Not in EU ?

                outside EU

                from 1,220.00 € 1220.0 EUR
                - 4 different colors
                - 3 Gear-systems
                - Individual equipment
                Shoulder bag
                47.60 € 47.6 EUR
                - Practical to store and carry
                - Very light weight: ca. 250 g
                - Very durable material
                Trolley-case strap
                11.90 € 11.9 EUR
                - Very practical for traveling
                - For all trolleys with a telescopic arm
                - Stable connection even at 30 km/h