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                We start with 2 special offers:
                - With a Kwiggle-voucher you can order each Kwiggle in the Shop and save 150 Euro.
                - You can buy the fully equipped, discounted special model or configure yourself.
                You can save twice when you order the Kwiggle®1st with a Kwiggle-voucher.


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                SAVE 150€ with a KWIGGLE-VOUCHER

                "Many of you have written us that they would gladly buy a Kwiggle by prepayment.
                Thank you for your trust. As we start production now prepayment orders can only
                be handled with the help of a voucher for legal reasons."
                If you want to safe money buy a voucher first and then order your Kwiggle!!!

                1,220.00 € 1220.0 EUR
                1.220 Euro Value-voucher
                + 150 Euro Gift-voucher
                for a Kwiggle-order
                Kwiggle® 1st
                1,428.00 € 1428.0 EUR
                - Exclusive launch-price
                - 3-Speed, black, fully-equipped
                - Limited time offer
                Kwiggle® configurable
                from 1,220.00 € 1220.0 EUR
                - 4 different colors
                - 3 Gear-systems
                - Individual equipment
                Shoulder bag
                47.60 € 47.6 EUR
                - Practical to store and carry
                - Very light weight: ca. 250 g
                - Very durable material
                Front-light battery
                24.80 € 24.8 EUR
                - Rechargeable
                - Li-ion battery
                - 2.600 mAh, 7,4 V
                Trolley-case strap
                11.90 € 11.9 EUR
                - Very practical for traveling
                - For all trolleys with a telescopic arm
                - Stable connection even at 30 km/h