What our customers say about the Kwiggle.

The Kwiggle is very convenient for use on trips to the train and then back to work. I have come to enjoy the movable saddle and find it very comfortable to ride. Since I have the Kwiggle, I use the car much less often and use the train in conjunction with the bike 👍

Susanne W. - Taunusstein

"Kwiggeln" is a lot of fun! It is a bit unusual to drive at first, but after 2 to 3 days you have the technique out, especially in the curves. I would buy it again and again. In addition, the advice is very competent and Mr. Bettin helps immediately via email and photos if you have a problem - in my case it was when adjusting the saddle height: a small-step photo instructions were in my email box the next day. I.e. even if you order the Kwiggle and do not buy "analog" on site, you get along well. Conclusion: I am very satisfied and like to kwiggle through town and country!

Sonja B. - Wien

The bike is high quality. The overall riding experience is as promised. My expectations for the positive back feeling are not quite met (yet?). Folding and unfolding is a long learning process. The Kwiggle is safer than suggested by the manufacturer.

Michael M. - Karlsfeld

The advantage of this bike is that it attracts attention from other people. I get asked a lot, like:Is this wobbly? Can it be converted into a scooter? Or: could I also ride this bike with my weight and size. Thus I hope very much that it reaches also more people in my age (youth) that there is such a possibility. What bothers me with common folding bikes is that they are too heavy to carry. Thus, I am super happy with the design that you can quickly clamp it under the arm to change :)

Mirjam W. - Sandhausen

Kwiggel riding is very relaxed with the proper practice. Gradients are no problem as well as different road conditions. Even from unimproved paths there is the riding fun. Whether it is gravel, gravel or cobblestones, with the certain practice almost everything is possible.

Michael A. - Calbe

I like the fun of driving very much, the relaxed way of driving and of course the flexibility. Although all roll their eyes a little when I arrive with the Kwiggle or want to go. My first tour (30 km) was in pouring rain over gravel roads with many other "normal bikers", I was pretty exhausted at the finish, but overjoyed. Meanwhile, I prefer to ride with the Kwiggle, as with my e-bike. Simply mega ingenious. I miss a little the bike stand.

Birgit H. - Jerxheim

I alternate using the Kwiggle with my other small 14 inch Dahon, Panasonic, Bridgestone, and R&M Frog folding bicycles. They all fold small but Kwiggle is the smallest.

Val R. - Hongkong

A whole new ride-wheel approach, which makes it interesting. Pleasant on medium distances, you have a good overview compared to the traffic.

Cord-Hermann V. - Wesendorf

A very interesting bike in terms of engineering. Fits well in the trunk and is relatively light in weight and easy to fold. The riding experience is completely different from a sports bike (positive - you train other muscles and it is more relaxing for the back). Disadvantage, you have to watch out more for holes and grooves

Bodo F. - Landsberg

My radius of action together with car or bus and train has greatly increased, because I have problems with walking for health reasons. Kwiggeln, on the other hand, works great. Is better than a wheelchair for me

Erich A. - Bad Münstereifel

Ich bin mit meinem neuen Freund sehr glücklich. Und ich habe lange darüber geträumt. Endlich gibt es so was!

Andreas G. - Hürth

Good for my back, relaxed driving, unfortunately only limited use on unpaved roads.

Cornelia S. - Mellrichstadt

Keeps my back moving, combines back training with cycling. Highly flexible to take along, even works as a small shopping cart for me.

Bernhard S. - Seeheim-Jugenheim

Awesome gadget. Wheels are small -> ride carefully. For the last miles and not much luggage and travelling by train better than my Brompton.

Rüdiger B. - Heidelberg

As a frequent flyer, the Kwiggle is always in my hand luggage. Arrived at the destination perfect to discover the city. So far tried in New York, Dallas and Puerto Rico.

Jörg W. - Hünstetten

Versatile and fun - a completely unique riding experience! I use it for commuting, day trips and overnighters...it's light enough to carry and small enough to fit in any corner.

Amanda M. - Braunschweig

An absolutely novel driving experience. Ideal for commuters and/or leisure riders. The incredible compactness opens up possibilities for use that other bikes simply cannot offer. A great experience. I can not recommend it enough

Stefan G. - Bad Vilbel

A new form of cycling. Compared to a normal folding bike, the Kwiggle is much smaller and lighter. Of course, there are a few limitations compared to a "real" bicycle: the short wheelbase and the small wheels somewhat limit the slopes and surfaces that can be ridden on. But all in all, the Kwiggle is the necessary link for the environmentally friendly transport concepts of the future, as it can easily be taken along on buses, trains, e-cars, and even airplanes if necessary. In the city, there are almost no restrictions; in rural areas, you just have to know which gravel roads and paths you can ride or which you'd rather not ride. 

Harm L. - Bockenem

Besides locomotion, also has a noticeable training effect for stabilizing trunk muscles.

Wilfried G. - Rosdorf

The Kwiggle is a fully suitable for everyday use and excellently processed folding bike, which gives a unique driving experience, is tremendous fun and can be taken anywhere at any time without registration (bus, train, car).

Gerald G. - Hannover

Perfect for a flat city, but needs some getting used to, particulary releasing hands from the handlebar to turn right or left.

Teresa S. - Brüssel

The kwiggle is an excellent folding bike. Folding and unfolding is easy and absolutely smart. Getting use to the kwiggle demands some time and it is important to use it completely relaxed. Then it works perfectly.


The optimal folding bike for me, which I am constantly also on the road with public transport. Easy to carry, easy to fold, easy to store. And by the upright driving with the movable saddle I have no more knee and back pain. I've also managed family shopping with a hiking backpack and shopping bags on the handlebars. The only thing I quickly gave up on was trying to get my kids on the bike with me....

Ole J. - Berlin

Many completely new possibilities: Simply into the car/free now behind the driver's seat and into the green driving, park and start directly there day trip (there are even areas where you can park the car "without miete"). Spontaneous and never with bike rack - any small car will do. When traveling by car simply like luggage additionally take - "just in case" and it always results then what. Bicycle tour with overnight stay goes well even with an Ortlieb bag and in the rain you can hijack bus / cab on the road. In fact, however, one is also different or cheaper / less wet in the rain trips. Kwiggle makes you happy: you always enjoy the landscape and the view as if from a lookout - "bike touring" redefined.

Alexander L. - München

It needs for me also further more concentration than on my "big" bike to drive, especially if you change the wheels then back. In particular, even if there are new routes with bumpy spots or lane changes. The tip not to be allowed to hold on to the handlebars is life-saving! Can not always think of it consistently to this day and am therefore also once tipped over when I wanted to go with a backpack additionally to the wheel bag on a traffic light ...:) I still ride mega happy with the Kwiggle. It accompanies me more often on the commute from Augsburg to MUC with train and inner-city routes on bad and good bike paths... the daily. Wegkilometer reach then so between 18-40 km at the end of the day...

Carola H. - Augsburg

The Kwiggle is a super-compact folding bike that can go more than the last mile. And even though it's tiny, it still looks great. The construction is great German engineering and the workmanship is very good.

Thomas A. - Bruchsal

Kwiggeln changes the way we ride a bike: with a grin!

Nico B. - Potsdam

The Kwiggle is a very practical and above all technically sophisticated bike for the city. It is important that you get to know the specific characteristics of this folding bike before the first ride. Put on a helmet, practice for a few days on routes not frequented by cars. Important ! If the body center of gravity is always slightly tilted forward, you will not have problems with an undesirable descent and will have a lot of fun with Kwiggle. An extraordinary bike deserves special attention when using it. I like to be on the road with my Kwiggle !!! Peace and health to all cyclists of the world

Andreas S. - Berlin

Rides great!

Roland N. - Bad Vilbel

Have several folding bikes in possession. The Kwiggle beats all in terms of pack size. Quick to assemble and put together. Therefore always with me. But be careful! Every bike fan quatscht you;-)

Joachim C. - Gernsheim

THE "go to" bike which simply accompanies you everywhere and is always handy, or small and compact waiting to be used again. It is incredibly practical! 

Rebekka W. - Bückeburg

Overall a very good concept and on the flat a great driving experience. Unfortunately, most air pumps do not fit on the valve because there is not enough space.

Thomas S. - Elchingen

Kwiggeln is a lot of fun and you are fast on the road. The KWIGGLE is also quite a few kilos lighter than a normal wheel and therefore you also come faster forward, because less mass must be transported with the same effort! Mounting and dismounting is faster than you think, but only after you have done it a few times. The ideal second bike for the car.a clever design! A compliment to the inventor Mr. Bettin.

Andreas E. - Helgoland

It is already a special kind of cycling, relaxed and yet awake, in body tension. In addition, otherwise one-sided or little-used muscle parts come into a pleasant rhythm of work / rest, so that even after long tours thighs and hips remain supple.

Carsten T. - Münster

The Kwiggle is a great, unique invention that is perfectly implemented and has really arrived in practice due to its thoughtfulness down to every detail and its very high build quality. We have already been warned about the residual risk of tipping backwards under special circumstances, but it could still make sense at this point to invest a bit of inventive talent and implement some kind of additional technical safeguard against this.

Kurt M. - Agethorst

A practical tool for everyday life with attention potential

Volker F. - Duisburg

The Kwiggle is for me the perfect companion in the city when traveling by bus / streetcar. Even on crowded lines, the Kwiggle is not a standintheway. I can take it in anywhere without it ever bothering anyone (folded up). When shopping I pull it behind me as a trolley and with the carrier and a backpack I can carry a lot! Even my complete sauna equipment (sauna towel, bathrobe, slippers, towel) I get so with ;-) I can definitely recommend it! 

Monica S. - Bremen

I ride my Kwiggle now a few weeks and find the driving experience wonderful. The movable saddle makes it feel very dynamic. A normal bike seems very stiff to me afterwards. The unfolding goes in a jiffy, the re-folding takes practice. In my usual route is a small steep climb, I do not manage with the 3-speed, perhaps the 6-speed would have been better. 

Daniela A. - Düsseldorf

Best foldie I've ever had! Clearly a product of passion.

Jan S. - Barcelona

The Kwiggle is already a super thing. It seems to be a new category of bicycle. Has an enormous number of possible applications. Try out, and only after a few days form an opinion would be my suggestion. I bought it blind and am very satisfied. Applause for the Kwiggle development team!

Matthias S. - Sao Paulo

Casual, surprisingly off-road....

Werner G. - München

Highly recommended.

Norbert P. - Buchholz

The Kwiggle is surprisingly uncomplicated, really fun to ride, even on longer trips, making it a real asset. It is much easier than it suggests. A great device!!!

Werner F. - Augsburg

If you like to be noticed, chat with people and not be overlooked you have to get this bike. However you need to have humour as sometimes younger groups of women tend to lough loudly.

Ralph K. - Hannover

A brilliant invention! Always point out how to avoid falling behind.

Ludwig D. - Hannover

An exceptional compact foldable bike for the coordinative rider who is looking for the new challenge!

Martin T. - Wolfsburg

I giggle when I sit on my Kwiggle. When I ride my Kwiggle I'm immediately in a good mood. It's super well thought out, and I'm glad I took my time getting used to it. I'm not giving my Kwiggle away anymore. The bike is a real eye-catcher and when I walk through the city, I always come into contact with people. I am glad that I have the wheel with 6 gears, because I come well in the Eifel the slight slopes up and down. In a pinch, pushing is easy. In the supermarket, the purchase also goes well, because it fits on the surface of the folding drinking box holders. My Kwiggle is always in the trunk, so I can always change on the last kilometers to work or elsewhere. 

Nicoline de W. - Euskirchen

Takes some getting used to, but great and fun

Birte L. - Berlin

A special bike that I would love to ride more often than I currently manage to do

Peter H. - Hildesheim

The driving experience is exceptionally good, but not yet as relaxed and fatigue-free as advertised. But may also be due to the fact that I have not even driven 150 km. Since I use it initially still mainly for the last mile it is very good. From time to time it drives better. 

Volker K. - Stuttgart

The Kwiggle is a great addition to my bike fleet and mobility habits. Kwiggling is fun and a nice change from "normal riding". Since I do not need the folding function for the daily ride to work, I usually use the normal bike here, where the handling with panniers, stand and better locking is easier. In the car I have the Kwiggle almost always with me, so I no longer needed the car on site and can simply leave.

Sven P. - Hannover

Wenn man die Limitierungen durch die kleinen Reifen, Radstand und Schwerpunkt respektiert, läßt es sich sicher fahren. Bei Bordsteigen steige ich im Zweifel immer noch ab und natürlich muss man wegen dem Bremsweg etwas vorausschauender fahren, aber ich bin froh, daß ich keine Scheibenbremse habe!, das wäre wohl doch mit deutlich höherem Sturzrisiko verbunden. Als Mitnehmrad in Bus, Bahn und Ultraleichtflieger ist es wirklich unschlagbar.

Matthias G. - Weissensberg

Klein, handlich, zuverlässig und dazu macht Kwiggeln auch noch viel Spaß!

Maike K. - Hannover

Das Kwiggle macht Spaß und ist ein super Begleiter in der Stadt. Durch das kleine Faltmaß kann man es überall mitnehmen und ist schnell wieder mobil und unabhängig.

Eric F. - Berlin

The Kwiggle is actually an interesting evolution of the familiar bicycle. However, it requires precise knowledge and attention to details such as the danger of falling backwards if the saddle is set too far back and you start off jerkily. This unfortunately happened to me. But this was my own fault and I had been informed about it beforehand. For my age (soon to be 67), the Kwiggle may require too much flexibility and dexterity. With slightly larger wheels I would assume to feel safer with it. A stand I have often missed. Despite everything, it is an interesting development for me, which I hope to learn to use more after another run. 

Thomas M. - Hannover

Have now driven about 500 km with the Kwiggle. I use it purely as a sports device to move me. I was thrilled by the idea of transporting it even with my scooter and having it with me everywhere. Doing sports on the Kwiggle is just more fun than in the gym. 

Frank M. - Wuppertal

I have long searched the Internet for "folding bike smallest folding size" and found many things. Also the Kwiggle. In some points I was skeptical before buying in February 2021. Construction/novelty movement. High price. Purchase was ultimately decisive for me the folding size, the curiosity about both the unusual construction and the novel movement. In all these points, the Kwiggle convinced me. It has a permanent place in my trunk and has already been used several times far from home. I am more flexible when I have the Kwiggle with me. I often use it simply because the movement with it is fun and does me good.

Mario H. - Leipzig

Super product, lightweight, comfortable, innovative and perfect for daily use.

Cord D. - Buxtehude