Kwiggle in the city

Experience pure freedom and flexibility in urban traffic

Looking for a parking space:
That sucks !!

Do you live in the city and need a car?
Then your search for a parking space often looks like this:

You drive 10-20 min until you find a parking space and then walk another 5-10 min home.

You waste 15-25 minutes looking for a parking space!

And you drive an extra 2-4 km by car.

And more and more often!

Let's be honest: It's annoying. 

The solution: Kwiggle into the car

Pack a Kwiggle in the trunk, it takes up very little space. 

Then you can park anywhere and drive the last mile with the Kwiggle.

It's faster, healthy and fun.

No more looking for a parking space.

Und Kwiggle ins Elektro-Auto

E-charging stations are also not on the doorstep.
With the Kwiggle in the e-car, the e-car is also no longer a problem.

Public transport becomes faster with the Kwiggle

Everyone wants to promote public transport. But everyone knows: I'm too slow:
Walk to the bus - wait - take the bus - change to the underground - wait - take the underground ... All in all, it almost always takes 50% longer than by car.

No wonder we still drive so much car in the city.

You can change that now, because with the Kwiggle you can get to your destination
just as quickly by S-Bahn as by car:

. You unfold the Kwiggle and set off directly from your front door.
You can get to any S-Bahn station in a few minutes
. There you get directly into the S-Bahn and fold in the Kwiggle.
From the end point, you then continue with the Kwiggle directly to your destination.

It doesn't get any faster or more flexible than this. And all that without traffic jams!
With Kwiggle you stay mobile everywhere.
That's what makes the combination Kwiggle + public transport so attractive.

Here you can see a door-to-door comparison for Berlin: