Test ride ?

Our offer to all EU customers who are not in our area: Test extensively with 14 days right of return !

We receive daily requests for test drives, not only in Germany, but throughout Europe.
Please understand that this is not possible for us, both organizationally and logistically. On the other hand, we understand very well that you would like to test drive the Kwiggle before making a purchase decision.

That's why you have a 14-day right of withdrawal: You order a Kwiggle, try it out for two or three days - and if you don't like it, you simply return it within the withdrawal period. We will then refund you the purchase price immediately.

This way you have enough time, to get to know the driving with the Kwiggle also in everyday situations. Much more than a short test drive.

By the way: Everyone who has been able to test the Kwiggle extensively so far does not want to give it away anymore. Its driving feel and everyday use are simply unique.

Have fun with your Kwiggle!

In Hanover are of course test drives and self-collection possible.

If you can come to Hanover, you are of course welcome to arrange a test drive with us. Please contact us at info@kwiggle-bike.de. We will then arrange with you.

If you want to pick up your Kwiggle yourself and save the shipping costs, just reply to the order confirmation and let us know. We will then set you to self pickup and take the shipping costs out of the order.

Which gear shift for which application ?

Odoo – Beispiel 1 für drei Spalten

1-speed for the flat city

Due to the superior seating position of the Kwiggle, you always have enough pressure on the pedals: Quick starting is no problem. Fast and relaxed you can reach 25 km/h with this gear ratio. Sporty and ambitious riders can also reach much higher speeds. This Kwiggle version is also the lightest.

The unfolding - i.e. the distance travelled after one pedal revolution - is 5.9 metres. This is made possible by the Kwiggle's patented transmission ratio.
3-Gang-Schaltung des Kwiggle-Faltrades


Overall, this Kwiggle variant offers more flexibility, especially on longer tours, in the somewhat mountainous and on vacation. On bridges and in headwinds, you can also downshift from time to time. The unfoldings are at 4.6, 5.2 and 5.9 meters. This is made possible by the patented gear ratio of the Kwiggle.

With the 3-speed shifting you can cope with gradients up to 7%.

6-Gang-Schaltung des Kwiggle-Faltrades


Suitable for slopes up to 12% and alpine passes. With the largest gear you can go faster downhill and also sometimes really accelerate.
The deployment - that is, the distance covered after one pedal revolution - is 3.3 3.7 4.2 5.2 5.8 or 6.6 meters, depending on the gear. This is made possible by the patented gear ratio.

Useful accessories

Gepäcktasche am Kwiggle-Faltrad

The luggage carrier

Ortlieb bags with the Quick-Lock 2.1 suspension hook fit here. The diameter of the QL2.1 hooks should be larger than 15 mm inside (i.e. without inserts). The distance between the QL2.1 hooks should be 95 - 100 mm inside.
Other bags with the same system are also suitable.

Rollkoffer am Kwiggle-Faltrad

The strap for the trolley bag

Roller cases should have 2 skater wheels or profiled sports wheels. The handle should be extendable at least 104 cm from the ground (usual measure). Manufacturers of sports trolleys (vaude, eastpak, the north face, etc.) have many products with these wheels.

Das Kwiggle-Faltrad in der Schultertasche

The shoulder bag

The shoulder bag protects the Kwiggle and its surroundings. The Kwiggle in the bag simply hangs over the shoulder, and in our experience it passes as hand luggage when boarding.

Odoo – Beispiel 3 für drei Spalten

The chain grease DryFluid

Quiet and pleasantly soft pedalling feeling: Our ultimate recommendation for an oil-free and as clean as possible chain.

What do our first customers say

The Kwiggle rides so beautifully. It's going to conquer the world.


I love the Kwiggle! I ride it a lot right now and enjoy every kilometer. 


Thank you very much for this fantastic invention. The Kwiggles attract a lot of attention and we have a lot of fun.


Rides better than any other bike.


I love it!!


We are very enthusiastic about Kwiggle riding.

Marina und Manuel

Great and surprising is the speed. Only racing bikes overtake me.


Meanwhile my Kwiggle has run 900 km and has never been so relaxed at work, even compared to my proven electric folding bike.


I can confirm that it is very good low fatigue driving! Basically a real revolution of the traditional sitting position.