Why kwiggling is ergonomically better than cycling

Kwiggling is less strenous than cycling.

You ride faster and your quadriceps have to work less.

What is the reason for that? The unique movable sattle:

  • You save 60% quadriceps forces (F) and even so you transfer more weight force (G) onto the pedal.
  • Your body is upright. Your torso has not to be held additionally.
  • You are supported equally to the saddle and to the pedals. Your back bobs with the pedal cycling. The larger knee angle relieves your knee. Therefore your back and your joints are relieved.
  • The muscles work in the natural cycle of tension and relax. All muscles work long-running only aerob. No muscle is strained steadily. Hence you ride untiringly, with less exhaustion and without annoying aches.

Hence Kwiggling is an excellent endurance sport.