Kwiggle, kleinstes Faltmaß und beste Fahreigenschaften

> The most compact folding bike in the world - more utility is not possible
> Reinventing cycling
> A bicycle for all sizes and ages
> Technical data
> Made in Germany combined with Italian frame construction art

Das kompakteste
The most compact folding bike in the world - more utility is not possible !

The compactness of the Kwiggle makes it the most useful folding bike in the world:
It is the only one that fits under the seats in trains, buses, trams or restaurants. It never stands in the aisle.
It is so compact that it even fits into the hand luggage of an airplane.
In addition, it weighs only about 8.5 to 9.5 kg depending on the equipment.
It can be folded really fast and you can drive 20 - 25 km/h, if you like even up to 40 km/h.


Das kompakteste Faltrad der Welt im Handgepäck-Format

Kwiggle® is the only bicycle in the world featuring this unique combination of drivability, compactness and weight. 

Kwiggle® is ideal for your next journey, perfect for commuters and everyone will find space for it in his flat or in a suitable backpack.

The compactness was made possible only due to patents on the gear- and folding system and seat device.

Kwiggle®: Reinventing cycling

Media write we have reinvented cycling: Thanks to the worldwide patented movable saddle device, the saddle makes
Room for the leg to step down and at the same time supports the hip side of the bent leg.
This way the saddle always swings back and forth and adapts optimally to your movement.

That means:

  • The Kwiggle® allows for a riding experience in an upright position. Almost upstanding but still supported it is a pleasant mixture of biking and fitness walking.
  • With the upright position you get more pressure on the pedal compared to conventional bicycles. That makes driving much less strenuous.
  • Kwiggle® uniquely supports the mobility of the back and prevents tension in the shoulder and neck area.
  • Kwiggle® is suitable for outdoor fitness and for back exercises.
  • Kwiggling is an excellent endurance sport.

Ein Fahrrad für alle
Kwiggle®: A bicycle for all sizes and ages

It almost doesn’t matter how tall you are. Due to an adjustable seat device almost everyone is able to ride the Kwiggle® .
The special touch: Kwiggle® always remains the same folding size.

Technische Daten
Kwiggle® – Technichal Data

Build for: 1,35 – 1,95 m
Folded: 55 x 40 x 25 cm = 55 l = hand-luggage
Speed: min. 1 km/h – max. 40 km/h
Weight: ca. 9,5 kg
Permissible total weight: 100 kg
Rim: 12 inch
Gears: 1, 3 or 6
Development: 3-speed: 4,6m, 5,2m, 5,9m


Kwiggle® standard equipment: Made in Germany

  • Color: black
  • 3 gears with rear derailleur and sprocket cluster (7, 8 and 9 teeth)
  • Frame: aluminum 7000 alloy, high-strength stainless steel
  • Brake and brake lever: Tektro side pull brake
  • Rim: Aluminium-wrought alloy, made from one piece
  • Tires: Schwalbe Big Apple 12 inches with reflex stripes
  • Mudguards: SKS
  • Crank: Miche Team CPT, 170 mm, BC 110mm, 1 chainring with 46 teeth
  • Circular chainwheel disc
  • Pedal: MKS XP-EZY (removable)
  • Rack for Ortlieb-bag with a slot for the right pedal
  • Headlight EYRO (30 Lux) with integrated battery
  • Rear light: Spanninga Nr. 9 with battery
  • Trolley-wheels for pulling the Kwiggle® like a trolley

Made in G erman
Made in Germany combined with
Italian frame construction art

In the Kwiggle we have perfected German manufacturing quality and Italian manufacturing art in combination. The selection of the superb materials makes the Kwiggle stable and light at the same time. The load-optimized design uses material only where it is needed. Industrial manufacturing processes guarantee highest processing quality. And we have taken the design principle of “forming is better than joining” to the extreme. So we manufacture many parts from one piece and with high-strength materials, wherever it is possible and economically viable. This saves weight while increasing stability. In order to be able to realize the Kwiggle so compactly and easily, we have long been looking for partners with the required manufacturing competence at the highest level: Together with highly specialized industrial manufacturers, we now realize many worldwide unique, innovative solutions in the Kwiggle. The result is an awesome product with unique solutions in detail:

The frame (patented functionality and technology)

    All aluminumparts are made from high strength 7000 aluminum.

    Our worldwide unique aluminum treasures are:

  • the fork: highest quality made in one piece
  • the rear frame part: functional form in perfect elegance
  • the hinged joint: most stable connection with only one turn
Wherever welding is required,
flag-like welds have been provided
for the best possible stress distribution.
Excellent TIG welds
are made with industrial robots.

 Our worldwide unique aluminum treasures are:

  • the upper steering column: springy lightness and stable handlebar clamping in one piece
  • the hinged joint: svelte multifunctional molds
  • the steering column: Highest silver-brazed joint quality ensures
    maximum stability

The rims (patent pending)

Die Felgen des Kwiggle-Faltrades
 The rims are another highlight on the Kwiggle.
Worldwide unique made from one piece of wrought aluminum alloy:

  • light and rigid at the same time
  • wear-resistant
  • highly corrosion resistant
  • highest running accuracy
  • polished noble look

And the tire fits perfectly into the rim.

The 3-speed derailleur (patent pending).

Der Antrieb des Kwiggle-Faltrades
For a long time we thought it would not work: Now we have realized a rear derailleur, with the smallest space three sprockets (7, 8, and 9 teeth) can be switched – the lightest worldwide and virtually invisible. The sprocket geometry enables a smooth switching change.

The rack

Der Gepäckträger des Kwiggle-Faltrades
The rack is another highlight on the Kwiggle. We wanted to provide our customers with a solution for their existing Ortlieb bicycle bags without having to spend extra money on a separate luggage system. We have developed a rack that fits perfectly into the folding size, allows at least 10 kg load and weighs only 75 g.

All current Ortlieb bags fit on the rack.
The influence of the bicycle bag on the steering behavior is minimal.

The components

The Frontlight

The model EYRO from Busch and Müller combines a high-detail lumination of 30 lux with high compactness. EYRO is a very good quality front light. We mount the EYRO only 40 cm above the ground, in order to make the pavement structure (edges, bumps) clearly visible. The detection of bumps is therefore no problem even in the dark. The luminance is very good.

The rear light

The Spanninga No. 9 with reflector and battery convinces with its retro look.

The crank unit

The Miche Team CPT is made of 7075 aluminum, has a crank length of 170 mm, a 110mm boltcircle and a 5 arm chainring with 46 teeth.
The crank unit fulfills two functions. It allows a very small Q-factor, so that the feet can stand together as closely as possible. This is much more pleasant for driving while standing.
In addition, the Miche Team CPT is due to its high material quality one of the lightest options for square aluminum cranks.

The pedals

The pedal MKS XP-EZY is a lightweight high-quality pedal made in Japan with a perfectly functioning plug-in principle. Equipped with reflectors, the pedals weigh only 330g per pair of pedals.  

We use push-in pedals to narrow the folding size of the Kwiggle decisively 2 cm. A push-in pedal can be easily removed with one hand.

The brakes and brake levers

The Tektro side pull brake is one of the best side pull brake available on the market for these purposes. Elegant brake levers ensure controlling brake shoe pressure on the rims.

The bearing quality

Whether for the drive system, the wheels or the headsets: We only use industrial bearings.

The trolley-rollers

The trolley rollers are extra large, so that pulling the folded Kwiggle as a trolley is easy and pleasant.

The mudguards

In the area of wheel guards, SKS stands for highest quality worldwide. The unique material is extremely stable and flexible at the same time.

The tire

With the Schwalbe Big Apple 12 inch with reflective stripes, we use a robust, abrasion-resistant tire with very good grip. We have covered more than thousand of kilometers with a pair of tires.